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Balaton felvidék (Balaton Highlands)


Badacsony and Balaton Highlands are two of Hungary’s 22 official wine regions on the north shores of Lake Balaton. They belong to the same volcanic formation, the Bakony-Balaton Highlands Volcanic Field, and feature unique and spectacular protrusions of basalt. For centuries the landscape has been considered the most beautiful in Hungary, and much of the area is now protected by a national park.

Balaton Highlands is a relatively large appellation that covers the northwestern part of Lake Balaton, with the separate appellation of Badacsony within it. The best wines come from the hills surrounding the Káli Medence (Kál Basin), an official sub-division east of Badacsony, especially the Fekete-hegy, a promontory of lava that juts into the basin like a volcanic peninsula. Badacsony is a more tightly delineated appellation, named for the town and vine-covered hill of the same name right above the lake. Vineyards on several neighboring volcanic hills are also included. Wines legally come in all colours, but this is white wine country, with exotic specialties like Kéknyelü and Rozsakö well worth seeking out, alongside more common grapes like Furmint, Olaszrizling (Welschriesling) and Szürkebarát (pinot gris).